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Got thoughts? Plot? Crit? I'll be glad to hear it all. Anon is on, comments are screened. Thanks for taking the time to level with me.


[001] Voice | Action

[It had taken some time and resolve before Alexis was able to open the journal, much less send her own message to the village at large.]

Hey, Luceti. [Her voice is strained and her breath catches once.] I'm not really sure how long it's been since I've been here last. [Pause] I guess it really doesn't matter, come to think of it.

Hey. Um. Are the people I know still around? Katara? Archie? Kurt? ...Anyone? It's, uhm. It's Alexis. I'd really like it if someone checked in with me. I've really missed all of you. [That's not completely true, considering she didn't remember them until a few minutes ago.]

[A small laugh, though it's forced.] I wonder if my apartment is still open. That'd be nice, I guess.

So... if the bakery is still around, I'll be there in about an hour. Maybe I'll see someone there?

[An awkward pause. Alexis frowns; the whole rambling message has been awkward. She looks as if she's going to say something else, but then sighs and closes the journal.]

[010] [Audio]

[It's audio only; Alexis is somewhat self-conscious about showing what is surely a dirt- and tear-streaked face to Luceti as a whole. Her voice betrays her exhaustion and fear.]

Could someone give me a hand please? I really need- [Pause, then a short sigh.] Just... is anyone willing to help a girl out for a minute?

[[ooc;; There's a mallynap effect here. Alexis is normally a very even-keeled, cheerful person. After a nice long time with the Malnosso? Not so much. She's gonna be a little... ah. Mercurial. For the time being. >>;;]]

[009] Voice | Action

[Somehow, Alexis has managed to make it through the day thus far without wandering too far into rather depressing thoughts. From holidays to love experiments to the draft, Alexis made a point of bouncing back from each and every one and treating the next day as A Normal Day.

It's wearing on her.

She goes shopping today after school: looking in the Item Shop, ducking into the bakery, rifling through clothes in the clothing shop. She even goes to Seventh Heaven for a nice lunch she doesn't have to cook for herself. She's on her way across town, heading for the library, when she opens the journal and leaves a message:]

So I was thinking of doing some baking again. Everyone seemed to enjoy the chocolate chips cookies last time. Should I make them again or try something different? I'd be willing to take requests.

[Afterward, she goes into the library and finds those books of her father's. She'll find a place back in Seventh Heaven and will be found idly thumbing through the books, reading and rereading phrases she already knows too well.]

[[ooc; I'm still a bit slow -- computer issues and spending break with family -- so please have patience. :)]]

[008] Action | Voice

[The snow is beautiful. Alexis always liked watching it snow back home; seeing it fall today was a little bit of a blessing. A tiny bright spot that had her smiling in the midst all the chaos around her.

It wasn't something she could enjoy from outside. Alexis bundled up a bit and went out to grab a nice spot under a tree near the village plaza.

People-watching and snow-watching. Nothing better.

Now if only she could forget where she was going in a few days' time. After watching it snow for a little while, she leaves an open, unfiltered message on the journal.]

Good luck to all the draftees.

[Herself included. It's such a generic message, but she's not sure she has the wherewithal for anything more. With that, she goes back to watching it snow.]

[007] Voice/Action

[Alexis has spent the day baking. Yes. Baking. It helps her think. Early in the evening, she'll leave a public voice-post:]

Two things, oh fellow Lucetians.

First, I have a question. How many of you come from worlds with no magic -- or magic-like abilities -- at all? I'm just... really curious.

Secondly, I baked. And by baked, I mean, I spent all day making some of the best chocolate chip cookies you'll ever taste. Normally, I'd just set them up outside, but the weather being like it is... Come find me in building seven. Follow your nose to kitchen on the fourth floor.


[She's so tired.

It makes her trek from the edge of town, where she woke up with a start, to her apartment a little difficult. And she, of course, was dropped off on the opposite side of town entirely.

Alexis will be making her way across town, slowly and somewhat carefully. She'll even take a seat near the fountain and fall asleep.

Feel free to poke.]


[Alexis actually went out this evening, just to enjoy the chill evening air. Take a quick walk. Just get out of the apartment for a little while.

That was the plan anyway.

She's taken about three steps out of the community building when they descend upon her. Alexis has absolutely no hope of putting up any kind of fight and she knows it, so she tries the best and only thing she knows how to do: run.

Her journal -- which she always has on her -- drops as she turns. It might pick up the sounds of a scuffle. One might even be able to see Alexis' hand as she claws for the journal. She'll get one sentence out:]

Someone help...

[And she's gone.]

[004] Accidental Voice/Action

[Alexis has been keeping her head down as of late, simply going about life as best she can here. School every day. Shopping every other day. Sometimes a walk around town here and again. Today, after school, she sat herself down next to the lake and decided it was about time she tried something with these spirits she keeps hearing and reading about.

It's... beyond strange for her, normal girl that she is. She's leafing through the journal absently while she thinks.

And then suddenly, the journal will record a yelp followed by:]


...Oh, wow.